Forex Trading with IQ Option – Our Advices

In financial circles around the world, forex trading has gained widespread popularity as a trading option for traders, who now consider it a full-time profession. It offers an immediate path to anybody that wants to access the currency markets on an international level, and if done right, can reap the benefits in a very short period.

Of course, figures show that there has been a decline in the trading volume of the international forex market as compared to previous years, but this does not necessarily mean that there has been a decline in popularity. This is partly due to “accessibility” being the main reason, with a significant number of part-time investors and currency speculators joining in. However, just like any market once it becomes popular, the forex market is also littered with several get-rich-quick type frauds.

Forex Trading

Many traders have lost fortunes falling victim to such cases of frauds and scams. Thus, it is important for traders to work with only the most reputed and regulated brokers in their area. For instance, in South Africa, the FSB of Financial Services Board is responsible for regulating the non-banking financial sector of the country, including forex trading. Certain brokers such as IQ Option, which are regulated by several international and national laws can thus be a good option for traders.

What is IQ Option?

IQ Option, also known as IQ Option Ltd, is a well-established binary options and forex online brokerage site offering trading services all over the world. With a firm focus on providing a platform attractive to both novice and experienced traders, IQ Option provides all the necessary charts, tools and educational materials needed for trading efficiently. They also provide specialized charts such as candle sticks and others that are not necessarily present in other brokerage sites. Continue reading

Can Forex Make You Rich?

There are a lot of us that would like to become rich. It can be a dream to think about all the things that you would be able to buy if you had a lot of spare money or consider what you might invest it in to be able to get a fantastic income for the rest of your life.

There are lots of ways that people become rich, some inherit money, some have a successful business, some gamble, some buy good shares and some invest. Investing money can be a great way of getting more money. If you put your money in to something which does well, then you can increase the value of that money. This means that you can make more than if you put it in a savings account or something like that. There is an element of risk though.

With all types of investment you will risk losing your money. You will use the money to purchase something and that item might reduce in value so much that you get a very little amount of money back. However, there is far more money to be made from investments because you have a greater chance of what you have bought increasing in value as well.

This means that an investment like Forex is risky. You may find that fx trading can make you rich but it can also make you poor. Like anything, you have a better chance of making money if you know more about what you are doing. It is therefore a good idea to do a lot of research in to Forex and find out more about how to play the markets. With these things, there is never a trick as the market is always very difficult to predict. You need to be aware that however much knowledge you get, you will still have some risk. The more you learn, the more you reduce the risk. However, if there was an obvious pattern to investing, all of us would be rich by now.

Therefore the answer to whether Forex can make you rich is yes. However, it can also make you poor and therefore you need to be sensible with the money that you are spending to make sure that you do not lose anything that you cannot afford to lose. Also treat it like a game and never expect to make yourself rich, as you could be disappointed but hopefully will have a nice surprise if you do.

Forex Trading

Can You Actually Make Money With Forex Trading?

The internet is filled with ads that are going to tell you that Forex can help you get rich. There are many testimonials and pictures as proof that it can be done. The problem is that there are also some things that you are not going to be told. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to make a good profit by trading Forex since this will take a lot of practice and sometimes months to years of proper training.

That is what the companies are not going to tell you and we are going to soon tell you why.

The short answer to the question above is “Yes, you can make money through Forex trading!” The problem is that for every single dollar that is being won, another dollar is going to be lost by someone. When you are trading Forex, you are basically going to exchange currencies or other valuable materials like gold or oil. Keep in mind that stock trading is something else and you should never make the mistake of thinking that it is Forex related. The money making principle is really simple. You basically buy a currency at one price and sell it at a higher price, thus making profit. Although this seems like it is really easy to do, while there are people that are making money, others are losing as the currency that they invested in will lose value. Continue reading

3 Advanced Topics of Forex That You Should Strive to Master

So you got the basics of forex trading down cold? Good for you. However, we have to inform you that there’s a lot more to forex than the basics. Indeed, you will need to make sure that you have a better idea of what’s going on with the world of forex trading than just the basics because you will come into advanced situations where the extra information will be helpful. You can’t just sit and be comfortable with the basics. When you’re just papertrading and trying to navigate the waters on your own, that’s one thing. However, when you’re trying to tweak your forex game for the most profits possible, it’s time to start branching off into advanced topics.

Not sure where to start? Well, we still have you covered — here are a few subjects that you should look into further.

1. Leverage — No, we’re not talking about the hit TV show or anything like that. When it comes to forex, leverage is an important matter. Leverage is the property that allows us to control a lot of money while still not using a lot of money of your own. You can borrow the rest. Sounds good, right?

Leverage can also go horribly wrong. When combined with margin, things can get kind of scary. Let’s say that you have an account that gives you a margin ratio of basically 100:1. That means that you have about 500,000$ worth of buying power. Seasoned traders know how important buying power really is — they can trade more and also have the potential to make bigger profits. However, there is always a reverse side to the reverse side, and this means that you can also magnify your losses just as much as you can your profits.

A margin call can start the process of losing very easily. This is where the forex broker will tell you that your margin deposit is no longer sufficient to cover your account — this is usually when a position moves against you.

As you can see, just as leverage can be positive and help you get more buying power, it can also be very negative as well.

2. Position Sizing — Want to know how to use leverage? Then you need to make sure that you understand position sizing. It’s simply the correct amount of units to buy or sell of each currency pair that you want to trade. You didn’t think that your pro traders just left it up to chance did you? Of course not.

In order to calculate the best position size, you must have the account equity, the currency pair you want to trade, the percentage of your account that you don’t mind risking, the stop loss (in terms of pips), and the conversion currency pair exchange rates.

Want to see how it all ties together? Here’s an example that you can count on! Continue reading

Forex Trading

How To Make Use Of Take Profit and Stop Loss In Forex Trading

Two of the most important tools which can help you reap in profits and protect your investment from undue risk are ‘take profit’ and ‘stop loss’. Both of these tools can help you by safeguarding your investment and protect your profits even when you are not trading online.

Stop Loss:

A stop loss is an instrument that defines at what point you want to cut your losing trades. It is very important that you enter a stop loss for each and every trade that is executed by you on the forex market. A stop loss can protect you from a runway loss and can help in safeguarding your bankroll. A stop loss protects your account balance by automatically closing a trade before all of your account balance is depleted.
Another form of stop loss that is prevalent these days is the trailing stop loss. The trailing stop loss can be used as a tool to limit the loss made on a transaction and also as a tool to lock in gains that have been generated by simultaneously running trades. For example, you have invested in the GBP/USD currency pair in the market at 1.3250 and wish that you do not lose more than 50 pips on the trade. In that case your stop loss will stand at 1.3200. But in case of a trailing stop loss, if your currency pair gains some value and moves to 1.3375 you stop lose would also move to 1.3325. thus you would be able to protect your protect your gains by using a trailing stop.

An advanced version of a trailing stop is a one wherein the trailing stop activates when a currency pair moves X number of pips downwards. This X is determined by you. After this has happened, if the currency pair does not dip more than the stop loss number of pips you have defined, denoted by Y, your trade would carry on. But if the pair dips by Y pips, the stop loss would come into play and close the trade.

Take Profit:

The take profit is exactly opposite to stop loss. The take profit relates to the price above the purchase price at which you would want to take your profits and close the trade. Just like a stop loss, the take profit can be defined at the time to executing the trade in the market.

Both take profit and stop loss are very important tools when it comes to trading in the forex market. Efficient and careful use of these tools can help you in making profit in the currency market without subjecting your investment to a lot of risk.

Forex Trading

Understanding Forex Trading And It’s Concepts

Forex Trading is a concept that relates to the financial foreign market. This is considered the largest market known in the world. This market tends to see trillions of dollars a day in profit and financial building. This market is usually reflective as a Foreign Exchange concept that many refer to as Forex and FX. This market is larger than the United States market of equity. This concept has been around for quite a few years now, but has recently started to see more interest and popularity. This is definitely a concept many should do more research on and see what Forex Trading has to offer.

How Does The Foreign Exchange Operate?

The Foreign Exchange is different from most financial concepts. There is no specific location because most of the interaction is done through website links and telephone dialogue. The dealers tend to be in different countries to carry out the trading process. The Forex is related to as an interbank since transactions are put together on an intelligent and state of the art electronic database and network. While some others choose to make their transactions over the phone so that they have the convenience of being able to directly speak to the dealer. The trading concept is not under control to just one exchange. This helps enhance them and give multiple stock options.

Why Forex Trading?

Forex Trading allows funding experts and banks to perform the task of buying and selling foreign currencies in any dollar amount that they desire. The Foreign Exchange gives many options and value to the stock and trading process all across the world. This concept allows for a high turnover rate of profit. Forex Trading also allows traders with a lot of experience to build their profits with this great opportunity. This trading concept can be challenging at times, but with the right forex trading research, education, and application of the concepts, you can find yourself reaping the rewards.

In conclusion, Forex Trading is a huge financial market. This market has a lot of concepts that can be difficult to understand at first. The key is that you become educated on just how this market operates. It is a rewarding financial concept once you learn how it operates. All the challenges that this market has to offer will be worth it in the end when you see your turnaround in profit. Use this concept properly and in an educated manner so that you can see your stocks build in an exciting financial market.