So, How Does the Forex Market Stack Up to Stocks?

Ah, stocks. If there’s one thing that investors love to talk about, it’s stocks. That’s because stocks are something that’s discussed even on mainstream financial news points, which means that just about everyone knows what they are.

Stocks also provide a lot of variety. If you want to feel like you’re part of a certain company, you can always invest in the stock of that company. Then you feel like you’ve really got a say in how things really are. In fact, a lot of companies will let you vote in shareholder meetings if you own a certain amount of stock. Isn’t that just too cool for school?

Of course it is. There are nearly 4500 stocks listed on the NYSE, and another 3500 on the NASDAQ. You can do your research and build an amazing stock portfolio.

But if you’re like many investors, you might be growing tired of getting into the stock market game. There are plenty of movies about people that made it big in the stock market. These are pretty important people, and it goes without saying that you might want to be just like them. Yet times are definitely changing, and if you’re thinking about growing past that, then you might want to think about forex. This is actually a good decision, for a few reasons.

First and foremost, spot currency trading is all about the currency pairs. The major investors in forex only focus on four top pairs, and that’s a lot better than trying to figure out nearly 10,000 stocks all of the time. Are you going to be looking at all 10,000? Not at all. However, you will want to still look at the market movements as a whole in order to fine tune your portfolio. If you’re tired of that, you might want to start looking at forex trading in a different way.

As you might realize, you can’t trade stocks all the time. That means that you’re going to have to step out of stocks when the market is closed. Instead of not trading at all, you can build a better trading schedule with forex. This new market is actually a seamless 24 hour one, with trading going all the time. You can hit the U.S, Asian, and European markets with ease. It’s simply up to you to define how you want to trade. Gone are the days where you feel you have to be married to a certain time schedule in order to get things going properly.

The commissions are so much less with forex when compared to stocks. Of course you might wonder how brokers actually make their money. They handle things through the bid/ask spread, which is always transparent. There aren’t any hidden forex fees to be had, which is refreshing.

As much as it’s not mentioned, forex is actually open to everyone. This used to be a market that was limited to huge corporations only, but that’s no longer the case. Anyone can trade in forex, so why not check it out for yourself?