How to Buy Gold Online – A Guide For the Forex Fanatic

If you’re really excited about forex, you are definitely in great company. There’s a new generation of forex fanatics that are finding that even though forex is quite risky, there is something about being able to truly take your financial blueprint to the next level. When you trade forex, you get to really understand economics in a much different way than you might expect. You will still need to make sure that you do the research necessary to really make sure that you have your forex portfolio running in proper order.

But what if you’re ready to branch out in investing further? After getting deep in forex, it might feel like there’s really nothing else worth chasing. Futures is okay, but trading contracts can get boring after a while and the premiums to trade are quite high. Who wants to find that they really could make a good profit in the futures game but the commission is just too high? That’s what we were thinking. And after forex going back to bonds just feels like talking to your grandmother — nice in small doses, but you don’t want to get too dependent — then she’ll start nagging you!

We kid, we kid. 🙂

Moving right along, why not think about learning how to buy gold coins online. Believe it or not, it’s not just like going into a store and buying a vase. If you really want to win big in the gold market, you’re going to have to think about your timing. Sentiment analysis is still going to need to be the order of the day. You’re still going to be covered in charts.

In other words, things don’t really change all that much. You still have to plan well, and make sure that you have enough capital in play. Gold is something that you will probably need to take in stages.

Thankfully, you can buy gold online in different weights. You will need to keep in mind that everything about gold is based on the troy ounce. Yes, you might want to go ahead and get an ounce of gold outright, but that’s not always the best road to take.

You really might want to start small — there’s nothing wrong with going with 1/10 troy ounce coins until you can get more capital involved. Some people start out the gate with the big gold bars, but that takes a while to achieve. You’ll just have to make sure that you’re buying smart from start to finish!