Golden Boys Offers Innovative Gambling Excitement

Ask a friend about online betting games and his or her response will usually involve internet-based casino games, online poker, or sports betting. Their thoughts might then turn to images of whirling slot machine reels, the thrill of announcing “all in” to unsuspecting poker mates, or the excitement of a match winning goal.

However, there is an exciting new form of gambling taking the internet by storm thanks to the imaginative team behind the website called ‘Golden Boys’. By offering unique game play based on the financial markets, Golden Boys combines the thrill of games of chance with the intrigue of playing the stock market.

Games are geared towards players with little or no knowledge of the financial markets through to experienced global market traders.

Players at any level of experience can potentially win a weekly jackpot of £1 million by placing a small £2 bet on financial markets. Simply guess the final digit of Friday’s closing price of eight financial markets and you will be on your way towards the VIP lifestyle of a Millionaire.

Care to place a bet on the market’s direction of movement? ‘Up and Down’ lets you predict whether the market will be up or down at the end of a set period of time relative to the market’s value at the time you place your bet. Alternatively, you can bet on whether the market’s value will be an odd or even number. In this game you can wager anywhere from £5 to £50 per entry.

Perhaps you prefer more rapid fire action? Then Golden Boys’ ‘Tick Poker’ game might be to your liking. In this exciting new multi-player table game, players can bet on up or down incremental movement in the financial markets of their choice throughout the trading day.

Are you more of an instant-gratification person? If so, then Golden Boys has you covered with ‘Scratch Tickers’ – a scratch card game with a twist. Match three stocks within the nine panel card and you win a cash prize. However, the amount won depends upon the stock’s final tick value, the stock’s final direction of movement (up, down or unchanged) and a random multiplier ranging from 0.01 to 500.

Whether you are a battle scarred veteran of the trading floor or brand new to financial market trading, Golden Boys has a game to match your every need. Why not give it a go?